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Kids practice the skills that lead to reading and spelling success with this phonics collection. Covers vowels, consonants, special sounds, blends, digraphs, ending sounds, syllables, silent consonants, rule breakers, and more. Fun activities allow kids to practice what they’ve learned through game-show formats and stories that build in complexity. Perfect for grades K through 2.

Phonics Disk 1

Short Vowel Sounds
Beginning Consonants With Vowels
c, g, qu, x
Find the Sounds (phonemic segmentation)
Sound It Out (oral blending)
Putting It All Together
Simple Phrases/ Rhyming Words
Double Consonants (words ending in ll, ss, ff)
Plural s and Ending
Story: “Pip Gets a Pat”
Song: “Pip Gets a Pat”
Phonics Disk 2

Ending Blends
Beginning Blends
Three-Letter Blends
Sentence Practice
Consonant Digraphs and Trigraphs
Sentence Practice
Introduction to Silent e
Silent e Makes the Long Vowel Sound
Silent e Practice
Sentence Practice
Fun Quiz and Review
Story: “Hiss and Run”
Song: “Hiss and Run”
Phonics Disk 3

Long a
Long e
Long i
Long o
Long u
Sentence Practice
er, ir, ur
ire, are, air
Story: “Fruit on the Beach”
Song: “Fruit on the Beach”
Phonics Disk 4

Diphthongs (oi, oy, ou, ow)
au, aw, all, al
Sentence Practice
Break It Down (syllables)
Schwa Sound
How Many Syllables? (phonemic segmentation)
Ending Sounds
Endings: y and le
Sentence Practice
Rule Breakers
ph and gh
Memory Words
Read-Along: “The Dog Days of Summer”
Silent Consonants
Story: “The Zany Rainy Bread Lady”
Song: “The Zany Rainy Bread Lady”
Read-Along: “Jade and Chip’s Amazing Snow Dance”

Phonics Easy Readers (DVD):

Twelve entertaining stories on DVD build in sequence from simple to complex. Students have time to read each screen before hearing a voice read the highlighted words. Allows learners to experience success and move forward as they are ready.

Read Along Stories (DVD):

Students enjoy reading along with four classic tales written at an early second-grade level. Fun, simple animation provides entertainment, while not distracting young learners from following along with the words on screen. After each story, students are rewarded by reading and singing a fun, energetic song that reviews the story and introduces more challenging words.

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