Project Feedback


This project needs more work.
From the evaluator:
There are some spare blank lines which aren’t really separating something. While your at it anyway consider to remove those. [Not all of them just those which don’t structure your code]
Your assignments for newQuad and newLine with the return value of selectionSort() are [for the first time reader] confusing. Maybe you can find a better approach to manage your offset. You don’t have to. I’m just saying. [Maybe fixate your boundaries to constants instead].
The following objectives need more work:
Visualizes some indication of the swapped numbers (on the canvas).
Your visualization doesn’t work properly with varying number lengths.
Don’t use the automatic toString() conversion: Try to text() each array’s element instead and draw lines from there.
Visualizes at least four different arrays.
I can’t judge that. There’s no clear distinction between ’em.

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