Polynomials : Factoring


Factoring polynomials: factoring by grouping, perfect square trinomials, the difference of two squares, and using the GCF.

More Ways to Learn Polynomials

Introduction to polynomials

7th - 9th | Online class

Learn about terms, coefficients, and exponents. The basic ingredients of polynomial expressions!


Polynomials: Finding Zeroes and More

6th - 9th | Online video/YouTube

Finding zeros of a polynomial, finding the polynomial given zeros, the rational roots test, finding the number of zeros, and finding additional roots with the conjugate pair theorem.


Polynomials: Introduction

8th - High School | Online video/YouTube

Basics of polynomials. Identifying polynomials; symmetry; adding, subtracting, multiplying, and simplifying polynomials; long and synthetic division; and the remainder theorem.


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