Plagues, Witches, and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction


Week 1
Course Roadmap
“Plagues, Witches, and War”: The Big Picture
Week 2
What is Historical Fiction?
Understanding the roots of historical fiction
Tracing the origins of historical fiction
Quiz: What Is Historical Fiction?
Week 3
Poetry and Exile in Ancient Rome: Jane Alison
Seminar with Jane Alison on “The Love Artist”
Diving into “The Love Artist”
Week 4
Two Centuries of Historical Fiction
Historical fiction in the 18th century
Historical fiction in the 19th century
Quiz: Two Centuries of Historical Fiction
Week 5
19th Century Historical Fiction
Anna Katharine Green
Forces effecting historical fiction
Quiz: 19th Century Historical Fiction
Week 6
Seminar with Katherine Howe
Witchcraft Past and Present: Katherine Howe
Week 7
Seminar with Geraldine Brooks
A Plague Year in Renaissance England: Geraldine Brooks
Week 8
Seminar with Mary Beth Keane
Disease and the Written City: Mary Beth Keane
Week 9
Seminar with Yangsze Choo
Ghosts and Marriage in Colonial Malaysia: Yangsze Choo
Week 10
Dialogues in Historical Fiction
Michael McKeon: History and Theory of the Novel
Eva Stachniak: Author of Winter Palace
David Robbins: Author of Broken Jewel
Matthew Pearl: Author of The Poe Shadow
Andrew Taylor: Author of The Scent of Death
Week 11
Assignments and Wrap-Up
Week 12

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