Piano Wizard Academy with keyboard


Kids learn best by doing, and Piano Wizard Academy uses innovative music video gaming to get kids hooked on “practice” learning real concrete musical skills, including reading sheet music, in minutes not months. No NAGGING required! Great for the whole family, saving thousands over traditional piano lessons, with massive results in record time. Give the gift of music to your children or students.
We learn our native language by speaking first, then reading words we already know, then learning grammar to deepen our language skills. Piano Wizard Academy takes this same approach to learning piano and music. The kids learn to play songs easily through a game, then it introduces other “levels” that transition them to reading music notation, with guided notes, videos and coaching for the parents to get them off the game onto a real piano, reading sheet music and playing with ease. Includes a hundred song, 2 year children’s piano curriculum that most kids finish in less than half that time. Virtually any other song can be imported into the system as well, and learned.

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