Physical Science Curriculum


Speed and Velocity
Unit Preview, Motion, Distance and Time Relationships, Speed and Velocity, Summary
Forces All Around Us
Unit Preview, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Friction and Other Forces, Gravity and the Solar System , Summary
Cool Chemistry
Unit Preview, Atoms and Molecules, Matter and Energy, Identifying Elements, Summary
Our Place in the Solar System
Unit Preview, The Sun and Other Stars, The Eight Planets, Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors, Summary
Chemical Reactions
Unit Preview, The Law of Conservation of Mass, Reactions and Energy, Acids, Bases, and Neutrals, Summary
Exploring the Periodic Table
Unit Preview, Regions and Periods, Identifying Properties of Elements, The Building Blocks of Life, Summary
Density and Buoyancy
Unit Preview, What is Density?, A Ton of Feathers or a Ton of Bricks, Summary
Finding the Truth
Unit Preview, Finding Answers to Questions, Graphing Data, Summary
Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Grade 8 Science [STAAR Prep]
Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Grade 8 Science

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