PERL Tutorial for Beginners - Complete Guide


Perl is a programming language which uses natural language elements, words that are used in common English language and is, therefore, easier to understand by humans [high-level language]. Now there’s a problem; computers cannot understand high-level languages, which we humans can easily understand. For that, we need something which can translate the high-level language to low-level language. Here interpreter comes to our help. The interpreter is a piece of software which converts the program written in the high-level language to low-level language for the computer to understand and execute the instructions written in the program. Hence, Perl is an interpreted programming language.

In this tutorial, you will learn-

Download & Install Perl – Windows, Mac & Linux Perl Variable Perl Array Perl Hashes Perl Conditional Statements – If, If Else, Else if, Unless, Nested if Perl Loops – Control Structures Perl Operator Perl Special Variables Perl Regular Expression Perl File I/O Perl Subroutine Perl Format- Getting perfect Output Perl Coding Standards Perl Error Handling Perl Socket programming Perl Modules and Packages Object Oriented Programming in Perl