Multivariable Calculus


Professor Raffi Hovasapian helps you develop your Multivariable Calculus intuition with clear explanations of concepts before reinforcing an understanding of the material through step-by-step examples. See why Dr. Hovasapian is one of the most loved instructors on Educator. Duration: 23 hours, 37 minutes

Number of Lessons: 43

This online course is perfect for those who have completed single-variable calculus (Calculus 1 & 2). All topics are covered in-depth and will prepare you for even higher level college math courses.

Additional Features:

Free Sample Lessons Closed Captioning (CC) Practice Questions Downloadable Lecture Slides Instructor Comments

Topics Include:

Vectors & Planes Differentiation of Vectors Partial Derivatives Chain Rule Minima & Maxima Lagrange Multipliers Line Integrals Double Integrals Divergence & Curl Triple Integrals Stokes’ Theorem

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