Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum[RESOURCE REMOVED]


Enjoy fun, effective, and innovative lesson plan themes and 200+ activities that can be used as is or in parts to fulfill early learning framework and common core standards for movement, creative arts and social-emotional learning. The Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum integrates stories, exercise & self-regulation to improve fitness, attention, early literacy, direction following, learning readiness, self-control, and responsible behavior. You can implement as is or integrate its variety of components and activities into your existing program!

View a sample of the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum.

Lesson Plans support all intelligences, fulfill standards, and profoundly engage children. Activities are easy to implement and build physical fitness, teach health and self-regulation skills, and empower children manage their stress, understand their emotions, make thoughtful behavior choices, and be more resilient.

Sue Guertin, K-G1 teacher & OT, MA: The teachers and I are so excited about the results we are seeing using this curriculum. Students are excited, attentive, and cooperative as well as already showing an understanding of how to apply the Adventure skills in the classroom.

1. 30 Weekly Lesson Plans with over 200 activities in these categories:

Stories in Motion Empower Me! SEL reinforcement Take It Outside Cooperative Games Mindfulness Activities Move to the Music

2. 9 Yoga/Movement Story Video Classes

Body Series 3 DVDs – # 1 Magic Scooter, #2 Monkeying at the Zoo, #3 Possum’s Tail Mind Series 3 DVDs – #4 Lost & Found in Africa, #5 Robot Makes Friend on Moon, #6 Set Sail Heart Series 3 DVDs – #7 Tortoise, Hare, Dragon, #8 Coral Reef, #9 Beautiful Dream

3. 16 Adventure Skill Flash Cards – health lessons & simple, effective self-care and regulation techniques

4. Adventure Skills Poster – show all 16 health & self-regulation techniques

5. 3 CDs of Music for Movement:

Literacy in Motion by The Learning Station Brain Boogie Boosters by The Learning Station Feelin’ Free by Eve Kodiak

Participation improves:

Focus and Concentration Strength, Flexibility and Balance Coordination and Confidence Direction Following and Early Literacy Self-Awareness and Self-Control Self-Care and Self-Regulation Resilience and Empathy