Morning Work Bundle PK – K {September- May}


No Prep Print and Go with this Pk – K morning work. There are 25 black and white pages each month for your little ones to practice emergent reading skills.
All months have:
• 5 pages with syllables, letter identification, vocabulary, math, and concept discrimination.
• 5 pages of identifying rhyming words
• 5 pages of initial sound awareness

Sept. – Dec.
• 5 pages of color words, number words or counting objects
• 5 pages of letter matching, upper and lower case letters, or thematic vocabulary words

Jan – May
• 5 pages of digraph, blend or ending letter sound correspondence.
• 5 pages of vocabulary -making words by manipulating the phonemes

Mix and match the pages as you need them during the month.

Some pages are cut and paste activities.

Some pages of each month reflect seasonal themes.

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