Math Curriculum Grade 6


Math curriculum Grade 6
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Unit Preview, Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Decimals, GCFs & LCMs , Divide Fractions by Fractions , Ratio Concept & Language , Ratios & Rates , Word Problems of Ratios & Rates , Summary
Rational Numbers
Unit Preview, Positive and Negative Numbers, Coordinate Axes and Negative Numbers , Order and Absolute Value of Rational Numbers , Graphing in Four Quadrants, Summary
Equations – Part 3
Unit Preview, Equations with Exponents , Equations with Unknowns , Distributive Property & Equations, Summary
Single Variable Equations
Unit Preview, Solve Single Variable Equations, Variable Equations in Word Problems, Inequalities in Equations, Dependent and Independent Variables, Summary
Geometry – Part 3
Unit Preview, Triangle Areas, Rectangular Prism Volume , Polygons in Coordinate Planes, Surface Area of 3-D Polygons , Summary
Unit Preview, Variability, Distribution, Distribution Centers and Variation, Probability Data Plots, Summary
Personal Financial Literacy (Part 4)
Checking Accounts, Debit Cards and Credit Cards, Credit Report and Positive Credit History, Methods of Paying for College, Salaries of Several Occupations
Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Grade 6 Math [STAAR Prep]
Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Grade 6 Math

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