Math Curriculum Geometry


Introduction to Geometry
Unit Preview, Definitions – Geometry, Measuring Angles – Geometry, Line and Angle Relationships, Triangles, Definitions of Figures
Unit Preview, Duplicating Segments and Angles, Constructing Perpendicular Bisectors, Constructing Perpendiculars, Constructing Angle Bisectors, Constructing Parallel Lines, Constructing Points of Concurrency, The Centroid
Lines and Angles
Unit Preview, Angle Relationships, Parallel Lines, Midpoint and Slope, Slope of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines, Equations of Lines, Intersections of Lines
Unit Preview, Triangles Sum Conjecture, Properties of Isosceles Triangles, Triangle Inequalities
Unit Preview, SSS and SAS Congruencies, ASA Congruencies, AAS and HL Congruencies
Polygons and Their Properties
Unit Preview, Polygon Sum Conjecture, Exterior Angles of a Polygon, Kites and Trapezoids, Mid-segments, Parallelograms
Unit Preview, Definition – Circles, Chord Properties, Tangent Properties, Arcs and Angles, Circumference/Diameter Ratio, Arc Length
Unit Preview, Transformations, Properties of Isometrics, Symmetry
Unit Preview, Tessellations with Regular Polygons, Tessellations with Irregular Polygons, Tessellations Using Only Translations, Tessellations and Rotations, Tessellations and Glide Reflections
Unit Preview, Areas of Rectangles and Parallelograms, Areas of Triangles, Trapezoids and Kites, Areas of Regular Polygons, Areas of Circles, Surface Area
Pythagorean Theorem
Unit Preview, The Theorem of Pythagoras, Converse, Special Right Triangles, Distance Calculations
Unit Preview, Polyhedrons, Prisms and Pyramids, Solids with Curved Surfaces, Cylinders, Cones
Unit Preview, Similar Triangles, Indirect Measurement with Similar Triangles, Corresponding Parts, Proportions with Area and Volume
Deductive Reasoning
Unit Preview, Symbols of Logic, Modus Tollens, Negation, Law of Syllogism, Law of Contra-positive, Direct Proofs, Conditional Proof, Indirect Proof
Inductive Reasoning
Unit Preview, Definition, Number and Picture Patterns, Finding the nth Term, Mathematical Modeling
Geometric Proof
Unit Preview, Postulates of Geometry, Geometric Proofs, Proving Angle Conjectures, Parallelograms and Parallel Lines Related Proofs
Texas Summary Assessment Geometry [STAAR PREP]
Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Geometry

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