For all kids who love animals! Mammals lets kids explore the awesome and invisible wonders of the animal world. Kids play and learn how mammals eat, see, run, fly, grow, and feel.

Play with and peek inside a tiger, a bat, a kangaroo, an elephant, and a sloth. Explore each animal's anatomy — bones, fur, whiskers, and more. Every animal is interactive!

Mammals is No. 9 in Tinybop’s award-winning Explorer’s Library. Introduce your kids to big ideas in other Explorer’s Library apps, including The Human Body, Plants, Simple Machines, The Earth, Weather, Homes, Skyscrapers, and Space.

Each app teaches kids science literacy. Kids learn by observing, asking questions, making guesses, and playing in the app. We hope each app inspires conversations between you and your kids and opens doors to more learning in the world around you. Learn more at tinybop.com.


  • Discover how a Bengal Tiger, Little Brown Bat, Red Kangaroo, African Elephant, and a Two-Toed Sloth live and play!
  • Explore the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, urogenital, and digestive systems of each animal.
  • Study each mammal’s fur (even elephants have a little fur!).
  • See how each mammal sees by looking through their eyes with your device’s camera.
  • Learn how fast each mammal's heart beats while it’s resting and moving.
  • Feed each mammal. Find out which one has sparkly poop — and why!
  • See how a baby elephant grows inside its mother.
  • See how a baby joey gets into the mama kangaroo’s pouch.
  • See how animals feel and react to tickling and stings.
  • Learn the bones in mammal skeletons and where they belong.
  • Content reviewed by zoologists.
  • Interactive text labels in 50+ languages teach vocabulary.
  • FREE Mammals Handbook has technology tips and basic info for teachers and parents.
  • Original artwork by Wenjia Tang.