Linear Algebra Online Course


Join Professor Raffi Hovasapian in his time-saving Linear Algebra online course that focuses on clear explanations with tons of step-by-step examples. Raffi brings even more enthusiasm as Linear Algebra is his favorite subject and he aims to make it understandable for all. Duration: 23 hours, 32 minutes

Number of Lessons: 34

This course is essential for college students taking Linear Algebra who want to learn both theory and application. Each lesson in the course begins with essential ideas & proofs before concluding with many worked-out examples. Theorems are stated and used but not proved to keep the emphasis on problem solving and gaining an intuitive feeling for the concepts.

Additional Features:

Free Sample Lessons Closed Captioning (CC) Downloadable Lecture Slides Instructor Comments

Topics Include:

Dot Products Determinants Linear Transformations Subspaces Spanning Set for a Vector Space Rank of a Matrix Orthogonal Complements Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors Linear Mappings Kernel & Range

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