Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Values in Conflict


The basics of Lincoln-Douglas debate for novice and intermediate debaters

This is the most complete introductory text available on preparing for and participating in the highly popular Lincoln-Douglas debate format. Short and well-designed chapters move students through the steps in L-D analysis, case construction, and case defense procedures. The unique features of L-D debate and policy are compared throughout the book.

A digital Student Edition features six-year online access.


  • The book objectives include
  • understanding L-D theory
  • understanding the differences between L-D debate and policy debate
  • understanding values
  • choosing the values to debate
  • researching value topics
  • preparing cases
  • developing rebuttal strategies
  • improving delivery skills
  • Learning objectives and new terms aid comprehension.
  • End of chapter activities reinforce concepts.

Teacher Guide

  • chapter objectives
  • chapter activities
  • quizzes and answer keys
  • additional L-D topics
  • ballots
  • a bibliography