Life of Fred Beginning Readers Complete Set


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18 books that beginning readers will love to read!

The set includes the following eighteen titles:
Eden #1 – Life of Fred: Blue. Meeting Fred and his doll and kick off the three series set with Life of Fred Blue.
Eden #2 – Life of Fred: Bus. Take the bus with Fred and Kingie to the lake with Life of Fred Bus!
Eden #3 – Life of Fred: Lake. Fred goes on a hike and learns how to deal with wild life in Life of Fred Lake!
Eden #4 – Life of Fred: Potato Dreams. Learning to talk about your dreams and making french fries. Learn why Kingie wears two different hats with Life of Fred Potato Dreams.
Eden #5 – Life of Fred: Ducks. Learn about three emotions: sad, happy, and afraid with Life of Fred Ducks.
Eden #6 – Life of Fred: Rain. Fred and Kingie are stuck in the rain! Read along as they deal with ducks laying eggs in Life of Fred Rain.
Eden #7 – Life of Fred: Mud. Make a mud hat, swim in a lake and find out how pizza solves everything.
Eden #8 – Life of Fred: Night. Help Fred learn how to read a clock, know the days of the week, and wait for the bus.
Eden #9 – Life of Fred: Dawn. Learn the difference between purple, magenta, and violet as Fred encounters all three.
Eden #10 – Life of Fred: House. Follow Fred as he prepares the land to build his house and make it duck proof!
Eden #11 – Life of Fred: Windows. How can you let sunlight in but keep the ducks out? Follow along with Fred as he solves this problem.
Eden #12 – Life of Fred: Kitchen. Kingie is hungry but can’t make anything without a kitchen! Follow Fred as he builds himself a kitchen.
Eden #13 – Life of Fred: Electricity. Follow along with Kingieand Janice the electrician as she installs outlets throughout the house!
Eden #14 – Life of Fred: Dinner. Help Fred and Kingieas they make spaghetti for dinner! You will count spaghetti noodles, count cans of sauce, and add up the grocery bill as you read along! You’ll also follow along as they learn to read a compass from north, south, east, west, and travel to and from the grocery store.
Eden #15 – Life of Fred: Evening. Brush up on your colors as Fred and Kingieget ready for bed; but not before they wash their dishes and do a little painting!
Eden #16 – Life of Fred: Garden. Help Fred make a decision to buy the right amount of trees to plant for his fruit forest! Follow along as he learns how to plant trees tall enough for fruits to be safe from those pesky ducks!
Eden #17 – Life of Fred: Peach. Follow along as Fred learns to make peach ice cream that came from the fruit trees (as Fred thinks!) Also join their adventure on the lake with their borrowed boat!
Eden #18 – Life of Fred: Going Home. How to pack. What KITTENS University looks like. Reading a map. Ten rows and ten columns of dots. Why oil painters can paint things that photographers can’t photograph.

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