Language Arts Curriculum Grade 8


Language Arts
Grammar and Usage Grade 7
Unit Preview, Mechanics of Writing, Infinitives and Participles, Hyphens, Dashes, and Brackets, Parts of Speech, Summary
Grammar and Usage (Grade 8)
Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives, Modifiers Using Active Voice, Parallelism
Distinguishing Meaning
Using Context, Reference Materials, Figurative Language
Word Analysis, Fluency and Vocabulary Development Grade 7
Unit Preview, Words in Context, Roots and Affixes, Idioms, Analogies, Metaphors and Similes, Reference Materials, Summary
Reading: Informational Text Grade 8
Analyze and Summarize Texts, Figurative, Connotative, and Technical Meanings, Evaluate Claims and Present Arguments
Reading Informational Text Grade 7
Unit Preview, Compare and Contrast Informational Materials, Cause and Effect Organization of Text, Technical Directions, Summary
Reading: Literature Grade 8
Analyze Themes and Literary Elements, Elements of Structure and Style, Forms of Fiction
Literary Response and Analysis Part 2
Unit Preview, Prose, Elements of Plot, Characterization, Relevance of Setting, Recurring Themes, Point of View, Summary
Effective Writing Grade 8
Argument and Persuasion, Informative and Explanatory Texts, Descriptive Narratives, Production and Distribution of Writing, Present Research
Writing Strategies
Unit Preview, Statements & Claims, Note-taking, Outlining & Summarizing, Paragraph Transitions, Databases & Spreadsheets, Summary
Speaking and Listening
Collaborate to Evaluate Presentations , Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas
Writing Applications Part 2
Unit Preview, Fictional and Autobiographical Narratives, Responses to Literature, Research Reports, Persuasive Compositions, Career Development and Technical Documents, Summary, Summary
Listening and Speaking Part 3
Unit Preview, Analyze Oral Interpretations of Literature, Respond to Persuasive Messages, Paraphrase a Speaker’s Purpose and Point of View, Prepare a Speech Outline, Formal Presentations, Deliver Oral Summaries of Articles and Books, Deliver Research Presentations, Summary
Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Grade 8 Language Arts [STAAR Prep]
Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Grade 8 Reading

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