Language Arts Curriculum Grade 7


Language Arts
Grammar and Usage Grade 7
Unit Preview, Mechanics of Writing, Infinitives and Participles, Hyphens, Dashes, and Brackets, Parts of Speech, Summary
Knowledge of Language
Edit Written Manuscript
Word Analysis, Fluency and Vocabulary Development Grade 7
Unit Preview, Words in Context, Roots and Affixes, Idioms, Analogies, Metaphors and Similes, Reference Materials, Summary
Reading Informational Text Grade 7
Unit Preview, Compare and Contrast Informational Materials, Cause and Effect Organization of Text, Technical Directions, Summary
Literary Response and Analysis Part 2
Unit Preview, Prose, Elements of Plot, Characterization, Relevance of Setting, Recurring Themes, Point of View, Summary
Writing Strategies
Unit Preview, Statements & Claims, Note-taking, Outlining & Summarizing, Paragraph Transitions, Databases & Spreadsheets, Summary
Writing Applications Part 2
Unit Preview, Fictional and Autobiographical Narratives, Responses to Literature, Research Reports, Persuasive Compositions, Career Development and Technical Documents, Summary, Summary
Listening and Speaking Part 3
Unit Preview, Analyze Oral Interpretations of Literature, Respond to Persuasive Messages, Paraphrase a Speaker’s Purpose and Point of View, Prepare a Speech Outline, Formal Presentations, Deliver Oral Summaries of Articles and Books, Deliver Research Presentations, Summary
Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Grade 7 Language Arts [STAAR Prep]
Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Grade 7 Writing, Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Grade 7 Reading

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