Language Arts Curriculum Grade 4


Language Arts
Word Analysis, Fluency and Vocabulary Development Part 1
Unit Preview, Word Origins, Context Clues , Multiple Meanings of Words , Figurative and Metaphorical Use of Words , Summary
Reading Comprehension Part 2
Unit Preview, Structure of Informational Materials , Inference , Conclusions, Outlines , Multiple-Step Instructions , Summary
Literary Response and Analysis Part 1
Unit Preview, Imaginative Forms of Literature , Plot , Setting , Character Traits, Literary Devices, Summary
Writing Applications Part 1
Unit Preview, Narratives , Expository Compositions , Word-Processing , Research Reports , Summary
Grammar Part 1
Unit Preview, Compound Sentences , Verbs, Modifiers, Pronouns, Adverbs, Prepositions, Summary
Punctuation Part 2
Unit Preview, Spelling , Parentheses , Apostrophes, Colons and Semicolons, Underlining, Quotation Marks and Italics, Summary
Listening and Speaking Part 2
Unit Preview, Questioning, Verbal and Nonverbal Messages , Tone, Mood, and Emotion , Clarify Spoken Ideas, Verbal Cues, Facial Expressions & Gestures , Media , Summary
Speaking Applications Part 1
Unit Preview, Narrative Presentations , Informative Presentations, Oral Responses to Literature, Persuasive Presentations, Summary

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