Introduction to Probability Online Course


Join Dr. William Murray in his Introduction to Probability online course where every lesson begins with a clear overview of formulas followed by step-by-step examples. Dr. Murray focuses on the understanding and application of formulas rather than derivations to help you save time and ace your class.
Duration: 30 hours, 47 minutes

Number of Lessons: 35

This class is geared towards students who are taking an Introduction to Probability course. Dr. Murray utilizes his teaching experience to share all his insights and strategies essential to doing well in your own class. Each lesson also comes with downloadable study guide PDFs.

Additional Features:

Free Sample Lessons
Downloadable Lecture Slides
Study Guides
Instructor Comments
Topics Include:

Combinations & Permutations
Bayes’ Rule
Expected Value
Tchebysheff’s Inequality
Geometric Distribution
Poisson Distribution
Gaussian Distribution
Marginal Probability
Moment-Generating Functions
Central Limit Theorem

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