Integrals / Antiderivatives


All about integrals. This playlist starts off with different integration methods, and ends with applications of those methods to find areas, volumes, and arc lengths.

Topics: Basic definite integrals; integration by parts, with trigonometric substitution, and using partial fractions; improper integrals; other integration problems; integrating to find area, arc length, volume, and areas of surfaces of revolution

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What is Integrals / Antiderivatives by PatrickJMT?

Integrals / Antiderivatives is a learning resource for Integral Calculus. It is available in the following format(s): Online/YouTube video. It is suited for High School - College students.

What grade level is Integrals / Antiderivatives by PatrickJMT appropriate for?

It is designed for High School - College students, but could be useful for students of other ages as well; please look at the description and images to determine suitability.

How much does Integrals / Antiderivatives by PatrickJMT cost?

It is free!