Give your child the magic of mail and a love for the world around us. Touring Teddies tour and explore, sending letters, photos, souvenirs and more, then come home to your door! ‘HUGO in FRANCE’ consists of 4 adventure-filled packages; providing a beary unique educational gift experience. Bon Voyage!

Enjoy a full month of excitement, exploring France with Hugo.

Here’s how it works…

Place Hugo’s first package by the front door or mailbox, for your child to discover.

Do the same with the additional packages, once a week, for a full month of cultural fun.

Included directions list the order of presenting the packages to your child.

Let the journey begin!

Touring Teddies ‘HUGO in FRANCE’ – Bundle, includes the following four packages:

Package 1 – A keepsake ‘Luggage Box’ for your child carries the following items:

Touring Teddy HUGO’s 1st LETTER – Introducing himself and the country he is from. BLOW-UP GLOBE – Allows your child to see where teddy’s country is located. PHOTO of HUGO – Pictured with the country flag as a backdrop. PHOTO ALBUM – For holding teddy’s photo and the additional photos to come. LANGUAGE CARD – Learn 10 basic words/phrases and how to count from 1-10 in French. MINI PLUSH FRENCH POODLE – For your child to care for until teddy comes home from his travels. Package 2: Custom Hand-Stamped Package Contains:

2nd LETTER from Hugo – Tells of teddy’s adventures while touring France. 10+ Travel PHOTOS – Features teddy at famous French landmarks and more. SOUVENIR Toy Surprise – Hides in a reusable pouch, with the message: “Please read my letter before opening!” Package 3: Yet Another Custom Hand-Stamped Package Contains:

3rd LETTER from Hugo – Describes teddy’s ongoing adventures in France. 10 More Travel PHOTOS – Features teddy at additional cities and towns throughout France. RECIPE CARD – For recreating teddy’s favorite French dessert at home. Another Fun SOUVENIR Surprise! Package 4 – The ‘Suitcase Box’ Contains:

YOUR TOURING TEDDY BEAR! Hugo comes home to stay and play! GLOBE-SHAPE DRAWSTRING TRAVEL BAG – Signature bag holds teddy and/or any ‘bear’ necessities. 4th Letter from Hugo 2 Touring Teddies POSTCARDS 1 Touring Teddies MAGNET 2 country ACTIVITY SHEETS And… A HUGE BEAR HUG from HUGO :)