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Kit includes all thirteen Kindergarten activities with all materials needed (Except Water), individually packed for 1 student, lesson plans and worksheets for the “best value” price of $85. All Materials are also furnished and packaged for each activity.

K-1 Classify Seeds – Life Science
Observe, count, and classify characteristics of seeds by shape, color, and size.

K-2 Pine Cone Trees – Life Science
Experience growth of grass seeds in a pine cone and determine factors needed for germination.

K-3 Little Dipper – Earth/Space Science
Create a constellation that glows in the dark.

K-4 Wheels – Physical Science
Simple machines – wheels and axles.

K-5 Life Cycle/Butterfly – Life Science
Begin to learn about the life cycle of butterflies.

K-6 Weather/Seasons – Earth Science
Identify, describe and compare the different seasons.

K-7 See, Touch and Learn – Life/Physical Science
Observe and describe characteristics of matter using the sense of touch.

K-8 Broken Rainbow – Physical Science
Discover the colors in light with spectrum glasses and prisms.

K-9 Dinosaur Shadows – Physical Science Investigate shadows and how they change.

K-10 Tube Tooters – Physical Science
Construct a kazoo and explore vibrations as a cause of sound.

K-11 Magic With Magnets – Physical Science Predict and test objects that are magnetic.

K-12 Air Is Everywhere – Earth Science
Explore air as a force that moves things.

K-13 Goobleck – Physical Science
Analyze a cornstarch substance that behaves like a solid and a liquid.

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