The game that teaches kids how to listen to music! Hearing Music, an audible playground of rich sounds, explores the interpretation of music. Hearing Music, an audible playground of rich sounds, explores the interpretation of music.

Designed to include hearing music as a step in the music learning process, this program breaks music down to patterns and levels, from beginner to advanced. Hearing Music gives children the opportunity to train their ears to identify different parts of music, encouraging them to hear the nuances in a melody, the change in a rhythm and the subtleties woven into pieces by famous composers. A computer-adaptive program makes the games progressively harder or easier as the child moves through four different levels per game. When a level is completed, children are treated to a rousing, animated rendition of the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah.

Following Making Music and Making More Music, Hearing Music is also a precursor to formal music education. Children are encouraged to recognize patterns in music notation before they are able to read music. Hearing the difference between two melodies and recognizing what is different, an integral aspect of hearing music, is gradually introduced through repetition and game play.

Hearing Music improves aural skills as children recognize the difference between a major and minor chord, changes in tempo and what the same music sounds like played backwards and upside-down.

The 12 chapters in the History of Music explain answers to questions like: What is Music? Where does it come from? How is music related to communication?

Improves listening and concentration skills Encourages music appreciation Includes famous works from Mozart, Schumann & Beethoven Trains little ears to hear subtle nuances in music Assessment mode allows parents & teachers to track progress Helps prepare children for formal music education

So much fun kids will love learning about music

System Requirements: PC: WIN 95/98/NT/XP • 486DX-2 or faster processor • 16 MB of installed RAM (minimum) • 13 inch (640X480) or larger color monitor • 2X or faster CD-ROM drive • sound card with speakers or headphones MAC: 16MB of installed RAM with 6MB free RAM • 13 inch (640X480) or larger color monitor • 2X or faster CD-ROM drive • External speakers or headphones • System 7 or later • Carbonized for OS X

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