Earth Science Lab Kit


The Earth Science has 36 activities covering 10 major areas. All labs are well documented with an extended background to assist with learning.

This kit does include the QSL Earth Science Manual.

The lab kit activities have the following titles:

Introduction: Scientific Investigation
I. Layers of the Earth
1. Egg Lab
II. Basic Tectonics.
1. Subduction and Accretion
2. Divergent Boundaries
III. Waves, Earthquakes and Tsunamis
1. Wave Motion
2. Liquefaction
3. Tsunami Waves
IV. Volcanoes
1. Volcanic Eruption
2. Hot Spots
V. Rock Cycle
1. Viewing Igneous Rocks
2. Igneous Rock Formation
3. Viewing Sedimentary Rocks
4. Making a Fossil
5. Metamorphic Rock
6. – 8. Making a Rock, Parts 1, 2, 3
VI. Mineral Identification
1. The Silica Tetrahedron
2. Identifying Minerals, Color
3. Identifying Minerals, Luster
4. Identifying Minerals, Hardness
5. Identifying Minerals, Streak
6. Identifying Minerals, Cleavage
7. Identifying “Mystery” Minerals
VII. Topography
1. Making Contour Lines
2. Labeling Maps
3. Using a Topographical Map
VIII. Oceans
1. Wind Driven Ocean Currents
2. The Salinity of Ocean Water
3. Ocean Water Temperatures
IX. Weather
1. The Angle of the Sun
2. Making a Barometer
3. Reading a Weather Map
X. Astronomy
1. The Phases of the Moon
2. Visible and Invisible Sun Light
3. Ultra-Violet Light
4. Scintillation Lab

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