Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish Preschool and Kindergarten


Worksheets for little learners who know their alphabet and need practice writing. Review sheets test to see what they know.
Who is it for?
Developed for children who are becoming familiar with English grammar and wish to learn Spanish at a slower pace, one new word per day. The classes can be learned at a faster pace, five words per day, if your child catches on faster. You as the parent will be able to tell what pace works best for your youngster. The program provides lessons, each including words in different categories like family words, church words, an everyday Spanish phrase, and one prayer, The Table Blessing, that is learned completely one word at a time then in full sentences. We will introduce your child to basic phrases like “He is red.”, “It is black”, “Good-bye”, “Thank you!”, etc. This is a precursor to the first through fifth grade classes.

What’s included?
Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish uses a clear and easy format to introduce Spanish to young students. It teaches important English and Spanish grammar concepts, as well as everyday sayings and prayers. Some of the material covered is:

Body Parts
The Table Blessing Prayer
Everyday Spanish
Numbers one through ten
Family Words
The Verb “to be”

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