Dissection Kit


What you will do in this course:

Dissect the following preserved specimens:

The Earthworm The Crayfish The Grasshopper The Clam The Starfish The Perch The Frog The Squid This kit contains 8 animals and is designed to be a comprehensive study of small animal anatomy. The kit is not grade- or age-specific, but instead covers all of the important concepts generally taught over years in the old, spiraling school paradigm. In keeping with the new National Science Standards of effective teaching, this kit provides weeks of concentrated study.

The manual for this kit is the classic book, How To Dissect, by William Bergman. It covers the anatomy of other animals also, which may be purchased from Academy of Science for Kids.

The animals are packaged in non-formaldehyde preservative and have a long shelf-life.

Top-quality dissection tools come in a zippered leather case. Aluminum with wax dissection pan.