CVC Word Detectives - Beginning Middle Ending Sounds Phonics Mysteries


Can you solve the cases to become a Word Detective? This fun set has 8 mysteries to solve. Each mystery has an engaging game, PLUS follow up reinforcement worksheets. Includes sorting games, build a word mats, letter dice games, clip cards and so much more! Also includes printable spy gear (detective hat, notebook, magnifying glass), a detective card, and a certificate of achievement for your word detective!
Set includes: 3 Warm up exercises to earn detective gear (hat, spyglass, notepad). Everything is in black and white and color versions for saving ink.

Mystery 1: The Missing Vowels: Go on the hunt to find the missing vowel sounds, includes bonus follow up worksheet.

Mystery 2: The Lost Beginnings: The beginning sounds have run away, cut out the pictures and place them on the proper runaway letters. Includes bonus follow up worksheet.

Mystery 3: The Runaway Endings: The letters are on the loose again! This time, follow the directions to draw shapes around the letters that correspond with the pictures ending sounds. Bonus follow up worksheet included.

Mystery 4: The Case of the Jumbled Words: The letters are all out of order. Use your noodle to find the pictures, unscramble the letters and solve the puzzle. Bonus follow up word scramble worksheet.

Mystery 5: The Absent Speller: Now the words have forgotten how they are spelled! Use a magnifying glass to find the pictures hidden on the gameboard and spell the words. Bonus follow up worksheet included.

Mystery 6: Getting it Sorted: Sort by vowel sounds, beginning sounds, ending sounds with this fun adaptable game.

Bonus 2 Mysteries:
- Roll a Word Dice: 3 sets of dice, a word building mat and recording sheet to record the words that you make. Are they real words or a “false clue”?

- Spell a word Mat: Use the sorting cards and spell the word on the word mat, record the word on your sheet.

DOUBLE BONUS Clip Cards – Clip Cards for beginning, middle and ending sounds – in color and black and white.

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