Introduction to Computers


Introduction to Computers is a course for both students who are experienced computer users and those who have had little or no experience in using a computer. The aim of the course is to give students a general overview of how computers operate and, given the proper software, what they can do, including word processing, spreadsheets, graphics and online photoediting. Students also develop skills in using the Internet to obtain useful information and learn how to protect their privacy and their computers from outside threats. Access to a computer and to the Internet is required in this course.

In completing this subject, among other activities, students demonstrate the ability to do online research, outline a plan for backing up data on their computers, do basic character and paragraph formatting, and describe how a firewall protects a computer.
There are 5 examinations in Computers, Introduction to.
Norton, Peter Norton’s Introduction to Computers, McGraw-Hill Technology Education.

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