Board Book & DVD Collection


Here’s a combo pack that gets your little one excited about learning. Alphabet Al leads youngsters on an adventure to explore letters and boost vocabulary. Rollie Roundman and friends teach preschoolers about colors, shapes, and counting up to 20. Eventually these concepts are combined for higher-level learning. The videos include catchy songs and action-packed animation for your child to enjoy watching and playing along. Board books with engaging rhymes and favorite characters allow special moments to snuggle up with your child and share learning.

Alphabet DVD
Alphabet Al’s ABC Book of Words and Rhymes (Board Book)
Colors, Shapes & Counting DVD
Colors, Shapes & Counting: A Point and Name Book of Rhymes (Board Book)
Who is it for?
Ages 2–5.
Pre-K & Preschool
Kindergarteners (5 to 6-year-olds)

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