Biology Grade 7


Unit Preview, Basic Cell Characteristics, Nucleus, Mitochondria, Chloroplasts, Mitosis and Organism Development, Summary
Unit Preview, Genes and DNA, Sexual and Asexual Organisms, Sexual Reproduction, Summary
Unit Preview, Selection and Diversity, Evidence of Evolution, Branching Diagrams , Summary
Earth Science
Unit Preview, Earth Processes and Life on Earth, Rock Cycle, Plate Movements, How Plants and Animal Life Developed, Summary
Organization of Plants and Animals
Unit Preview, Organization and Function, Bones and Muscles, Human Reproduction, Reproduction of Flowering Plants, Seeing and Listening, Summary
Physical Principles
Unit Preview, Light, Lenses and Reflections, Body Mechanics, Heart, Summary
Investigation and Experimentation
Unit Preview, Tools and Technology, Information Collection, How to Draw and Present Conclusions , Summary

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