AP English Collection


Literature and the fine arts serve as the basis for nonfiction content that will challenge students in advanced placement language arts and literature classes to read and think critically, examine various genres, and understand the prevailing schools of thought in various eras. Also perfect for adults who are interested in exploring the background behind the world’s most treasured literature, drama, poetry, and art.
American Literature from 1600 Through the 1850s
American Literature from 1945 Through Today
American Literature from the 1850s to 1945
Authors of the 19th Century
Authors of the Early to Mid-20th Century
Authors of The Enlightenment: 1660 to 1800
Authors of the Medieval and Renaissance Eras: 1100 to 1660
Classical Authors: 500 BCE to 1100 CE
Contemporary Authors: 1945 to the Present
English Literature from the 19th Century Through Today
Modern Philosophy: From 1500 CE to the Present
Poetry and Drama: Literary Terms and Concepts
Prose: Literary Terms and Concepts
The 100 Most Influential Painters & Sculptors of the Renaissance
The 100 Most Influential Writers of All Time
The Comedies of William Shakespeare
The History of Western Ethics
The History Plays and Poems of William Shakespeare
The Life and Times of William Shakespeare
The Tragedies of William Shakespeare

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