Ansel and Clair with Triassic Dinosaurs


Spectacular interactions & animations, stunning visuals, puzzles & games bring Triassic dinosaurs to life in the third app in the Ansel & Clair dinosaur trilogy. The whole Triassic adventure is a seamless blend of education and entertainment. Dig for fossils, put them back together, and go back in time to see the Earth morph into one super continent called Pangaea before interacting with the earliest dinosaurs. Take pictures, make notes, and collect stickers. Mix and match body parts to make your own 3D dino in Make a Dino mini game. Throughout the app, science, history, geography and geology are incorporated in a fun, contextual manner and taught through Ansel’s critical questioning and Clair’s encyclopedic knowledge, and you will be amazed at how much kids will learn without even realizing it

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