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Who is it for?

  • Curriculum is only for grades 1-7
    Any student and educator who wants the finest resources for their children across curriculum sites with multiple grades at the most affordable cost.
    What’s included?
    - Access to the website for books, pictures and videos across all devices. (To add teacher lesson plans and reproducibles, see our teacher product).
    - 800+ curriculum books and 1200+ videos (and over 2000 teacher reproducibles if you choose the teacher option) across all subjects. This provides a fantastic way to get leveled education support whether you are teaching science, english, states, history or geography. The material is entirely self-contained, with no external links. It is a delight to turn the pages of the book, and just as though you were using printed classroom materials, except that it is a fraction of the cost. And it can be used at home, too.
    - Does the information in the “English essentials” section on the homepage change regularly? [answer: yes, weekly in term time] "
    - "Is it safe for kids to use on their own? [answer: yes, there are No external links. Even the search is internal] "
    - "The price will really appeal to homeschool families who do sacrifice financially to educate their children at home, especially since I believe you could use your site for the backbone of an elementary homeschool curriculum. " – Homeschool Mom
    - "I have to say that I am so impressed by American Learning Library. The amount of resources you have is amazing! I love the way the topics build on one another so students can dive as deep as they want. This is great for those self-motivated students and those who get interested in a subject and want to know more. I especially like the newspaper articles and old maps used in the “States” section." – Homeschool Mom
    - “To get an idea of the scope, think Encyclopedia Britannica or World Book online, and then think if only this could be straight down the line curriculum materials based on reading BOOKS and linked to specially-taken VIDEOS and authored by TEACHERS , and it becomes a must-have true teaching resource rather than a nice-to-have background link. And you have American Learning Library.” – Teacher
    - “Every time I show a school [your website] there are always new things to delight me.” – Manager of a school district library system
    How it works
    Educents will process your order and notify us of your subscription payment. We will send you an email with login credentials. That’s it – you are then underway for a whole year. New materials are added each week, so you always have something to look forward to, such as our Across America videos. At the end of a year you will have visited every state just by looking at our home screen.
  • Curriculum is only for grades 1-7

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