America's Story Vol. 1 Set


History comes alive in the stories and adventures of explorers and pioneers who saw in America the chance to live a dream — to freely worship God, to have the chance to own land, and the search for wealth and opportunities. It is also the story of cultures that at times cooperated or clashed, as well as distant rulers and countries who saw a chance to expand their power through conflict or treaty. Volume One in this series for your elementary students includes: •Beautiful historic illustrations, photographs, maps, and cultural connections •Examples of history you can still see today all across this great land •Important narratives of the people and places that stand for some of the most pivotal moments in America’s development. This vivid collection of history is as varied and vast as the lands that stretch from the original thirteen colonies to the gold fields of California. Discover the people who braved and tamed a wilderness to form communities and eventually states that dot the landscape of this great land we know today.
From the Ancient Americas to the Great Gold Rush.

Part 1: Begins at the infancy of our country and travels through the founding of our great nation, catching glimpses of the men who would become known as the Founding Fathers.

A Charlotte Mason style elementary curriculum that connects children to America’s past… and their future!

The vital resource that provides all assignments for the America’s Story Volume 1 course, which includes:

Materials list for each chapter, oral narration questions and answers, directed journaling, artwork sketching and study sections, Map Adventures, optional Digging Deeper sections, and more.
Book of Prayers, review sections, special project ideas, and answer keys.
OVERVIEW: America’s Story Vol. 1 is written with narration as a key element of this course. Please take the time to employ oral narration whenever suggested. Included in each chapter of this Teacher Guide is a written narration prompt for the older child. Students will learn about the ancient Americas to the great Gold Rush, the infancy of our country through the founding of our great nation, catching glimpses of the leaders who would become known as the Founding Fathers. The course includes 28 chapters and five built-in reviews, making it easy to finish in one school year. The activity pages are an assortment of map adventures, areas to write/journal, Scriptures and famous sayings for copy work, hands-on projects, and pictures to draw and color. There is also a timeline project, including the simple instructions for completion.

FEATURES: The calendar provides 5 daily lessons with clear objectives and activities.

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