A+ Math Homeschool Interactive Math


Take the stress out of math! With this interactive program, students can learn at their own pace. It teaches with fun, colorful & engaging video lessons and interactive review. Practice problems and chapter tests provide reinforcement with solution steps and automatic grading & tracking. Progress reports measure student progress.

Who is it for?
Grade Level: 6th

Parents and students who want to make learning math fun, engaging and learn challenging math concepts quickly

Students who need frequent reviews to help with long-term retention
Homeschool parents looking for a complete math program

Why buy?
Builds a strong foundation in math and encourages independent learning
Helpful for parents who are not comfortable teaching math and want to provide a strong foundation in math
Makes learning math engaging and fun for students
Frequently refers to to real-life examples to apply math concepts making it more relevant
Parents do NOT need to teach, the program teaches for you
Huge Savings! Limited time offer.

What is included?
A single grade level – 6th Grade Math Online for 1 Year from the day you activate. You may purchase anytime and “activate” it later. The 1-year will start on the day you “activate” not the day of purchase.

Student Features:
Comprehensive course contents which meet and exceed national standards
Concise, to-the-point lessons with colorful illustrations and all three learning modalities (audio, visual, and text)
Makes learning Math fun, easy and reduces time to learn math concepts
Interactive Review identifies and closes learning gaps as it automatically re-teaches concepts
Enhances student learning by allowing them to practice problem solving with real-time feedback
Step-by-step instructions
Automatically generated worksheets and exams can be completed online- instantly graded & recorded
Review each question for online worksheets and exams with step-by-step solutions
Progress reports allow student to track their own success and encourage independent learning
Printable worksheets and exams allow flexibility to practice problem solving offline
Curriculum Books provide easy access to lessons in eBook format
Worksheets and Exams Solution Guides provide step-by-step solutions
Reference sheets provide easy access to facts and formulas

Parental Features:
Recommended lesson plan
Instant online grading
Parental controls allow parents to lock solution guides
Progress reports identify areas of strengths and weaknesses
Ability to print worksheets/exams and enter students scores to track progress for all work completed offline

How it works

  • You will receive an “activation code” with instructions to setup an “online” parent account and a student account. * Student logs into his/her account to learn various math concepts and to practice w/ interactive review, online worksheets and chapter tests. * Student and parent see progress report for all completed assignments (worksheets and chapter tests). * Student and parent can review any completed assignments (worksheets and chapter tests) w/ step-by-step solutions. * Printable worksheets and chapter tests are provided if you prefer to work offline.

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