6 Trait Power Write


A breakthrough online instructional tool to manage the writing process across the curriculum

All Content Areas, All Teachers, All Students

This research-based online writing instruction program provides ongoing support for meeting the demands of English Language Arts Writing standards.

  • makes the paperbound, time-consuming management of the writing process a thing of the past
  • 6 Traits of Writing instruction embedded for comprehensive support for ideas, word choice, and organization as specified in state standards
  • 26 forms of writing, including arguments, narratives, informative/explanatory, and routine writing required by state standards
  • 33 interactive graphic organizers for effective idea development
  • provides cross-curricular support for writing in English Language Arts as well as Literacy in History/Social Studies and Science
  • supports the use of technology for writing
  • support for existing classroom materials

Benefits for Students

  • Flexibility—print and write or type and save
  • Application and internalization of effective writing strategies
  • Self-assessment and goal setting
  • Portfolio management of selected best writing

Benefits for Teachers

  • Create and customize assignments for targeted instruction
  • Easily differentiate instruction through assignment customization
  • Monitor and assess student writing online
  • Save time with online writing instruction and assessment management

With 6 Trait Power Write, students learn composition strategies for a wide variety of genres

26 forms of writing required by the CCSS

Narrative Writing

Personal Narrative - Short Story

Descriptive Writing

Describe a Person - Describe a Place - Describe an Event - Describe an Object

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Essay - Argumentative

Expository Writing

Compare/Contrast Essay - Cause/Effect Essay - How-to-Essay - Problem/Solution Essay - Research Report - Book Report - Summary - Other

Letter Writing

Friendly Letter - Letter of Inquiry - Letter of Complaint - Letter of Recommendation


Haiku - Limerick - Diamante


Journal - Reading Log - Learning Log

25-Minute Timed Writing Assignment

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