3-5 World History Volume II: Europe in the Middle Ages


3-5 Core Curriculum – World History: Volume II – Europe in the Middle Ages

This is Volume II of the four part 3-5 Core Curriculum World History series.

In this fun and interactive unit study, designed to meet and exceed state and national standards, your children will explore Europe in the Middle Ages. With over 30 activities and 20 hands-on projects, your children will be fascinated from beginning to end. Each chapter includes a variety of activities, including videos, hands-on projects, map work, interactive websites, readings, worksheets, charts, games, and much more to make learning history fun and relevant!

This unit study is part of our history core curriculum series for grades 3-5. The time needed to complete this unit study will vary for each child, but you should expect to spend approximately 40 hours.

Take a peek inside:
The Vikings
Geography of Europe
Daily life of the Vikings
Historical accuracy and historical myths
Viking runes
Norse mythology
Leif Ericsson and Eric the Red
Feudalism in medieval Europe
Knights, chivalry, and castles
Life in a medieval village
Charlemagne and The Holy Roman Empire
The Norman Conquest
The Battle of Hastings
The Bayeux Tapestry
William the Conqueror
Henry II and Thomas Becket
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Richard the Lionheart
The Magna Carta
Joan of Arc
The Black Death
The rise of Islam
The development of Islamic civilizations
The Crusades
The fall of Constantinople
and much more!

All activities in this unit study are presented in an easy to follow format with an active and updated web link. Click on the link and the best resources on the World Wide Web appear for your children. But this unit study is not just a collection of web sites to read! It is much more than that! The links bring the world to your children by providing streaming videos, interactive web sites, educational games, audio files, and more. At Intellego Unit Studies, we believe in the varied learning styles and multiple intelligences of every child. That’s why all of our unit studies include reading and writing activities, videos, art, comparisons, drawing and painting, discussions, hands-on activities, art projects, full-color high resolution graphics, printable activity pages, and more!

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