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3-5 Life Science: Human Body II

by Intellego (88)
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3-5 Core Curriculum – Life Science: The Human Body II

This is Volume II of the three part 3-5 Core Curriculum Human Body series.

Heart, lungs, stomach and more! Welcome to Grades 3-5 Human Body II, a multisensory and hands-on exploration of the human circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. Highlights include 15 hands-on activities and experiments to engage your children and provide a multisensory exploration of body systems. Each chapter includes current and active links to multiple videos, hands-on activities, experiments, readings, worksheets, charts, interactive websites, games, full-color high resolution graphics, and more!

This unit study is part of our life science core curriculum series for grades 3-5. The time needed to complete this unit study will vary for each child, but you should expect to spend approximately 40 hours.

Take a peek inside:
Major organs in the circulatory system
Arteries, veins and capillaries
Heart disease
Major organs of the respiratory system
Smoking and tobacco use
Major organs of the digestive system
Healthy eating and nutrition
Handling stress
Sleep and rest
and much more!

All activities in this unit study are presented in an easy to follow format with an active and updated web link. Click on the link and the best resources on the World Wide Web appear for your children. The links bring the world to your children by providing streaming videos, interactive web sites, educational games, audio files, and more. At Intellego Unit Studies, we believe in the varied learning styles and multiple intelligences of every child. That’s why all of our unit studies include reading and writing activities, videos, art, music, comparisons, drawing and painting, discussions, hands-on activities, art projects, full-color high resolution graphics, printable activity pages, and more!

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