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A Compass for Navigating Professional Challenges

College | Online class In this Specialization, Professional IQ: Preventing Solving Problems at Work, learners use real-world dilemmas and ethical problems experienced by professionals around the world to clarify and...

A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment

College | Online class What are the determinants of a happy and fulfilling life? This is surely one of life’s biggest questions, and a question that has interested many of our ancestors. Buddha famously gave up his...

Course 2: Career Brand Development and Self-Coaching

College | Online class In this course, you will engage in developing and strengthening the functional component of your career brand. Acting as “your own Chief Executive Officer” (P. Drucker), you will learn how to use...

Influencing People

College | Online class This course will improve your ability to influence people in situations where you cannot use formal authority. You will learn about effective ways to build, develop, and sustain a power base in...

Market Yourself Professionally

College | Online class In the business world, smart organizations use branding and strategic management techniques to differentiate themselves from their competition and to achieve a competitive advantage. In this...

People Skills with Vanessa Van Edwards

High School - College | Online class Vanessa Van Edwards is a published author and behavioral investigator. In this 3-class bundle set, Vanessa will teach you how to find ultimate happiness, how to master your people skills and how to...

Strategic Self-Marketing and Personal Branding

College | Online class In this course, you will learn how to use strategic marketing and personal branding techniques for designing, enhancing, and promoting your professional image. Acting as “your own Chief Executive...

Successfully Lead in an Ever-Changing Business Environment

College | Online class How do aspiring managers succeed in an ever-changing business environment? How do they lead different groups to action? This specialization equips aspiring managers to lead change and leverage...

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World: Lesser Vehicle

College | Online class Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World explores the immense variety of meditation practices past and present. We present their histories, their philosophical underpinnings, their...

Trabaja inteligentemente, no más duro: Gestión del tiempo para la productividad personal y profesional

College | Online class Podrás aplicar los conocimientos que adquieras en cuanto a conciencia personal y profesional, organización y compromiso, y utilizar las herramientas, técnicas y métodos aprendidos para fijarte...

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