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Early Renaissance in Italy: the fifteenth century

College | Online class The Renaissance really gets going in the early years of 15th century in Florence. In this period, which we call the Early Renaissance, Florence is not a city in the unified country of Italy, as it...

Northern Renaissance: the sixteenth century

College | Online class Discover Grünewald, Bosch, Dürer, Bruegel, Holbein and other extraordinary artists from the Renaissance in England, German, Flanders, etc.

Renaissance and Reformation

College | Online class In 1517 a German theologian and monk, Martin Luther, challenged the authority of the Pope and sparked the Protestant Reformation. His ideas spread quickly, thanks in part to the printing press. By...

Renaissance and Reformation in Europe

College | Online class The art of Giotto and Duccio was once known as primitive, and useful only as a prelude to the Renaissance. However, recent scholarship allows us to study the brilliant artists of Florence and Siena...

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