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Learn Organic Chemistry Basics including structure and bonding, intermolecular forces, chemical reactivity, nomenclature, stereoisomers, spectroscopy, and more with the educational resources in our directory. Find chemistry textbooks online, online classes, and video series that will help you learn this difficult topic on your own time and within your budget.

We have 3 resources for learning Organic Chemistry including educational YouTube & Online Videos, Websites, and Online Classes, from providers such as Khan Academy, UCLA, and Michigan State University.


Organic chemistry

High School - College | Online class

Carbon can form covalent bonds with itself and other elements to create a mind-boggling array of structures. In organic chemistry, we will learn about the reactions chemists use to synthesize crazy...


Organic Reactions and Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry 14D

College | Online/YouTube video

Chemistry 14D: Organic Reactions and Pharmaceuticals is a class that provides an in depth analysis of organic reactions, nucleophilic and electrophilic substitutions and additions; electrophilic...


Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry

College | Website

The practice problems provided as part of this text are chiefly interactive, and should provide a useful assessment of the reader's understanding at various stages in the development of the...

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