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BUS300: Operations Management

College | Online class Operations management is a vast topic but can be bundled into a few distinct categories, each of which will be covered in later units. (It should be noted, however, that entire courses could be...

Introducción a la Gestión de Operaciones

College | Online class Aprende a analizar y a mejorar los procesos empresariales en servicios o en la industria. Aprende cómo incrementar la productividad y a ofrecer niveles de calidad mayores. Después de que finalices...

Introduction to Operations Management

College | Online class Introduction to Operations Management is course 3 of 5 in the Business Foundations Specialization. In this Specialization, you’ll develop basic literacy in the language of business, which you can...

Operations Management

College | Online class In this course, you will recognize the role of operations within the bigger picture of business strategy and master the fundamental aspects of managing the operations of a business.

Process Improvement

College | Online class About this Course Gain practical skills for analyzing and improving work processes and for organizing initiatives for continuous improvement of processes. Learn how to plan and execute process...

Scaling Operations: Linking Strategy and Execution

College | Online class Over the past several decades, operations strategy has played an increasingly important role in business’ success. In this course, we will equip you with concepts and tools to build operations in a...

The Digital Economy Program

College | Online class Thrive in the digital economy and earn 15 credits towards an MBA Whether you work in a micro business, a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) or a large firm, it’s vital to get to grips with new...

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