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Creating Synthesizer Sounds for Electronic Music (Project-Centered Course)

College | Online class What you’ll achieve: In this project-centered course*, you will create sounds and use them in your own musical compositions. Whether you’re an aspiring producer, composer, or hobbyist, this course...

Fundamentals of Rehearsing Music Ensembles

College | Online class Learn and practice the basic principles of running an effective music ensemble rehearsal. Techniques and strategies are applicable to a variety of ensembles, including bands, orchestras, choirs,...


4th - College | Online class How are time, duration and rhythm expressed in musical notation? Find out here with easy-to-follow lessons presented by music director Gerard Schwarz, with video examples provided by the All-Star...

Music and Social Action

College | Online class What is a musician’s response to the condition of the world? Do musicians have an obligation and an opportunity to serve the needs of the world with their musicianship? At a time of crisis for the...

Music basics

High School - College | Online class The basic principles of music are explained in plain language with helpful graphics and live video demonstrations. If you have ever wondered “How does music work?” than you’ll find answers here....

Pro Tools Basics

College | Online class Producing music is an incredibly creative process, and knowing the tools of the trade is essential in order to transmit the musical ideas in your head into the DAW in a creative and uninhibited...

Proyecto final de Músico moderno

College | Online class La industria de la música está experimentando enormes cambios, y como resultado de ello, los músicos necesitan cada vez más habilidades en un número de áreas diferentes para tener éxito. El...

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