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Become a better manager of people

College | Online class Do you have people reporting to you that need managing? Or perhaps you want to consider a career in human resources? Or freshen up your HR knowledge? This specialization provides a robust...

BUS301: Human Resource Management

College | Online class In the United States, the subfield of Human Resource Management (alternatively known as Human Capital Management) has a history that dates back almost a century, but the most strategic components...

Business Strategy

High School - College | Online class Business Strategy is course 5 of 7 in the Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization. Enhance leadership and business skills for immediate impact. Practice everyday leadership, manage...

Capstone: Designing and Implementing Your Coaching Strategy

College | Online class By the end of this Capstone, you will have a coaching strategy as well as the tools you will to confidently introduce coaching to your team. You will use the leadership point of view developed in...

Coaching Conversations

College | Online class In this class you will deepen your understanding of the essential practice of coaching conversations. We will explore in depth how to prepare for and communicate as a coach in different types of...

Coaching Practices

College | Online class In this course, you will explore the coaching practices managers use to create a culture of accountability. You will learn the underlying principles of coaching as a manager, and the elements for...

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Human Resource Management: Every company's greatest asset is its people, right? Then you'd better learn how to hire great folks and keep them happy.

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