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California Homeschool Network

College | Online resource Site with guides and local resources for California parents who want to homeschool

Current Homeschool Law

College | Online resource Homeschooling is legal in all fifty states, but requirements vary from state to state and are often inadequate to safeguard children’s interests. Features a clickable map info about individual...

Getting Started Homeschooling: A Guide

High School - College | Online resource The better you understand going in what will be asked of you, the better prepared you’ll be to handle bumps or potholes along the way and provide your child with the support they need. Here’s to...


College | Online resource Comprehensive site with resources, guides, local resources, and an online community focused on homeschooling

The Secrets of Planning Without Planning

Pre-K - College | Online class A Full-Length Online Training on How to Plan High Quality Long-Term and Child-Centred Home Education in Less Than 15 Minutes a Week. No Structure Needed!

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