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Home economics, aka domestic science or home science, traditionally includes disciplines involved with managing a household: cooking, child rearing and development, education and community awareness, home management and design, budgeting, sewing, and health and hygiene. They're great areas for anyone to learn, so they're more useful around the house! In this section, find books, videos, websites, and more resources to help you learn home-ec quickly.

We have 2 resources for learning Home Economics including educational Online Classes and Books, from providers such as American School. Find 111 more resources in subtopics including Sewing, Cooking, Quilting, Personal Finance, and Health.

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Consumer Economics

High School - College | Book, Online class

The goal of this course is to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to make wise choices as consumers. In Consumer Economics, students learn about the roles of consumers, producers and...

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Home Planning and Decorating

High School | Book, Online class

Home Planning and Decorating provides a comprehensive look at how to plan for your housing needs–from budget considerations to designing the interior. In this course students learn about such...

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