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BUS202: Principles of Finance

College | Online class In BUS103: Financial Accounting, we learned that firms are required to keep detailed financial records so that organized reports can be distributed to managers, shareholders, and government...

Finance and capital markets

High School - College | Online class Interest is the basis of modern capital markets. Depending on whether you are lending or borrowing, it can be viewed as a return on an asset (lending) or the cost of capital (borrowing). This...

Finance: Building a Robust Business

High School - College | Online class Finance: Building a Robust Business is course 2 of 5 in the Foundations of Management Specialization. Good management is equal parts knowing and doing. No matter what industry you work in or where...

Finance for Everyone: Decisions

College | Online class Finance for Everyone: Decisions will introduce you to the workings of the free markets and the foundations of finance. You will learn how free markets and their “creative destruction” provide the...

Finance for Everyone: Markets

College | Online class Markets begins with one of the most common and important elements of the financial system – interest rates. You will learn why interest rates have always been a key barometer in determining the...

Finance For Everyone: Value

College | Online class In Value, you will explore the most powerful generator of value in the world – ideas. Ideas are the engines of productivity, both in the private and public sectors. You will learn about the...

Finance Fundamentals Program

High School - College | Online class Gain valuable skills to manage finances at home and at work Being able to budget and plan financially, and weigh up the risks and rewards associated with borrowing and investment options are...

Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part I

College | Online class Financial Engineering is a multidisciplinary field drawing from finance and economics, mathematics, statistics, engineering and computational methods. The emphasis of FE & RM Part I will be on...

Financial Evaluation and Strategy: Investments

High School - College | Online class Learn the fundamental principles of trading off risk and return, portfolio optimization, and security pricing—useful skills and concepts to have when making both corporate and personal financial...

Financial Markets

College | Online class Professor Robert Shiller, 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences, explores the topic of Financial Markets in this eight module course.

Financial Modeling for the Social Sector

College | Online class WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Distinguish between an operational unit and a head office and the financial relationship between the two Estimate the reach and size of your operational unit and identify what...

Finanzas para profesionales no financieros

College | Online class Tome las riendas de sus decisiones financieras y aprenda cómo estas repercuten sobre la rentabilidad de su unidad y su organización. En este curso, obtendrá información básica sobre conceptos...

Keeping up with Change: Issues for the Finance Professional

College | Online class This MOOC identifies and explores a number of challenges to the finance professional arising from the ever changing business environment. Increasingly, financial decisions must take account of...

Money, banking and central banks

High School - College | Online class We all use money and most of us use banks. Despite this, the actual working of the banking system is a bit of a mystery to most (especially fractional reserve banking). This older tutorial (bad...

Private Equity and Venture Capital

College | Online class About this Course The course deals with the analysis of the private equity and venture capital business. Over the course, students will be provided with a deep understanding of the mechanism...

The Global Financial Crisis

College | Online class About this Course Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy F. Geithner and Professor Andrew Metrick survey the causes, events, policy responses, and aftermath of the recent global financial...

Understand Financial Forces - Make a Difference

College | Online class Watch this intro video to learn more about the Specialization curriculum and Capstone Project! The Finance for Everyone Specialization will help you learn the language of finance and understand how...

Финансовые рынки и институты (Financial Markets and Institutions)

College | Online class В рамках данного курса рассматриваются основные вопросы функционирования финансовых рынков, деятельности финансовых институтов, изучаются финансовые инструменты, с которыми приходится сталкиваться...


College | Online class 学完本课程后,您将可以分析企业所做金融决策的主要类型。然后,您可以运用所学技能处理现实商务挑战,这也是沃顿商学院商务基础专项课程的组成部分。主要概念包括:净现值技术、资本预算原则、资产估值、金融市场运作和效率、公司财务决策以及衍生产品。

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