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Learn about amps, volts, and joules, and how to build circuits.

We have 4 resources for learning Electronics including educational Toys & Products and Worksheets & Printables, from providers such as Eurekus, littleBits, and Snap Circuits.


Base Inventor Kit

3rd - 8th | Toy/Product

The introductory Base Inventor Kit from littleBits includes everything creative kids need to turn their ideas into inventions! With a range of Bits that move, light up, and make noise, kids gain...


LED Constellation Cubes - STEAM Project Guide

2nd - 8th | Worksheet/Printable

Illuminate astronomy with a cool tech twist! Throughout the ages, the night sky has mystified and delighted us. The ancients saw patterns in the stars and celebrated them through sky stories and...


LED Puppets - STEAM Project Guide

2nd - 8th | Worksheet/Printable

Illuminate storytelling with a cool tech twist! Our LED Puppets fuse engineering and literacy in exciting ways. Makers of all ages have a blast designing puppets enhanced with LED lights. This is a...


Snap Circuits SCL-175 Lights Electronics Exploration Kit

1st - 6th | Toy/Product

Hands-on introduction to electronics Make real working circuits and devices Make over 175 projects with over 55 colorcoded circuit components Plug in your in your iPhone or android phone or any...

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