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BUS101: Introduction to Business

College | Online class Have you ever wondered what qualities billionaire Warren Buffet, visionary Steve Jobs, or Jeff Bezos all have in common? After you finish studying business practices in this course, you may...

Business Fundamentals Program

College | Online class Gain valuable business skills to boost your employability and effectiveness at work Being able to communicate with colleagues, network with peers, build relationships with customers and manage...

Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part I

College | Online class This course focuses on the common growth challenges faced by existing private businesses when they attempt to grow substantially.

Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part II

College | Online class This course focuses on the common human resource (“people”) challenges faced by existing private businesses when they attempt to grow substantially. PART 1 OF THE GROW TO GREATNESS COURSE IS NOT A...

Hôtel “De l'étoile” - a hotel in crisis?

College | Online class In this case study based exercise, you will apply the knowledge you have gained about distribution, revenue and demand management to a ‘real’ world case – Hotel “De l’étoile” – a prestigious...

Introduction to Business

High School | Book, Online class The primary focus of Introduction to Business is on understanding the basic economic and organizational principles underlying a market economy and how individuals in their roles as workers,...

Online Business Success Program

College | Online class Do you have an idea for an online business but need more information, inspiration or motivation to make it happen? This Online Business Success program will help you take your business from...

(Re)-invent your business model with the Odyssey 3.14 approach

College | Online class This course gives you access to Odyssey 3.14 – an original approach developed to help you invent or reinvent a business model. This highly innovative approach has been developed by Laurence...

Social Enterprise Program

College | Online class Turn your social enterprise idea into action The Social Enterprise program comprises three online courses from Middlesex University Business School, which introduce you to the diverse world of...

Solve Real Business Problems

College | Online class In this Specialization, you’ll develop basic literacy in the language of business, which you can use to transition to a new career, start or improve your own small business, or apply to business...


College | Online class Just like when building a house the foundation for your business provides the framework for success. A business built on weak structure will struggle to succeed. We’ll address some of the most...

Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact

College | Book, ebook/Kindle Simple and effective strategies and activities to develop life skills and experiences that prepares kids of all ages for business. Provides progressive thinking, ideas to implement, teaching...

The BusinessCourse.com

High School - College | Online class This course is designed to integrate into your busy schedule by allowing you to learn on-line where you can view the HD video modules on-demand. The course can to be taken at your own pace –...

The Kids' Guide to Business

Kindergarten - High School | ebook/Kindle This book provides a kid-friendly approach to introduce, prepare, and launch kids into business. Kids take steps to develop a business and are easily engaged in business as they explore business...

The Three Pillar Model for Business Decisions: Strategy, Law & Ethics

College | Online class MBA students at the Harvard Business School take a leadership course that introduces them to a framework for making business decisions based on economics, law and ethics. The Three Pillar model in...

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Business: Learn how to build, run, or work within a business. No matter where your career path takes you, you'll be more prepared to succeed if you understand the fundamentals of business including accounting, marketing, sales, planning, and how to build and manage teams.

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